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Satellite Smartphone Messenger Company

Featuring the Solara Flare

Connect remotely from your smartphone

Easy to use. Easy to set up.

The Flare keeps you in touch anywhere with your own cell phone even when there are no cell towers. This new technology allows users to text their phone contacts conveniently and easily from anywhere on earth.

  • Satellite connection
  • Compact and lightweight
  • One-button operation

Solara ensures you get the right wireless data communication services and hardware, in a simple to use interface, to fit your needs.

Solara Flare

Turn your smartphone into a satellite phone.

Field Tracker 2100

Fast text messaging and GPS tracking.

Solara Slimtracker

Economical off-road and marine.

Geographic Coverage

  • 100% Global Coverage, direct transmission to/from user

Communication Direction

  • Two-way

Time to Message Delivery

  • Within a minute

Best Uses

  • Positioning, time-sensitive information and text messaging
Wireless Communications

Text via satellite with your own cellphone

At Solara we put global 2-way texting in the palm of your hand. From our heavy duty line of Field Trackers to our new cell phone enabled Flare, our devices provide both the convenience and safety of being able to track and communicate from anywhere on the planet.

We customize solutions to fit your needs

We assemble all the data, process it to your specifications and deliver it to you via the method of your choice.

  • Personnel Tracking and Lone Worker Monitoring
  • Off-road and Marine Tracking
  • Aviation/Flight Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management
  • Snow Grooming Tracking and Management

What our customers are saying

“...I had the pleasure of speaking with Aime, sales representative, and Tom, the founder, over the phone on a few occasions. Within a few short minutes of speaking to these absolute professionals, I knew we were making the right choice by purchasing our satellite solution from Solara. Thanks for all you have done, and all you continue to do. It's amazing to be a customer of such an amazing Canadian born company!”

Erin Zonta

“Contact with the helicopter is crucial, we have to know where that helicopter is at all times. Solara equips us with everything we need to stay in contact in our remote locations.”

Ben HoferChief Pilot

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