Wireless Communications

Text via satellite with your own cellphone

At Solara we put global 2-way texting in the palm of your hand. From our heavy duty line of Field Trackers to our new cell phone enabled Flare, our devices provide both the convenience and safety of being able to track and communicate from anywhere on the planet.

Why we’re different

Founded in 2006, Solara Remote Data Delivery is a global leader in providing client and consumer focused solutions and tools. Through the engineering of products delivering secure, robust, reliable and timely wireless data communications transfer, we protect assets through better data measurement.

Better Data. Better Decisions.

Solara is a Canadian communication solutions leader, specializing in wireless data communications, providing the right balance of tailored technology and client focus, with expert advice and support. We are a Winnipeg based company that delivers wireless data products that are secure, reliable, and made for improved efficiency, profitability and peace of mind.