WINNIPEG – Tom Tessier, President, Solara Remote Data Delivery Inc. (Solara) is pleased to announce that Solara has been chosen to provide sea ice trackers to the Centre for Earth Observation Sciences (CEOS), located on the campus of the University of Manitoba.

“Solara is very pleased to have been chosen to provide support to such an important research effort,” says Tessier. “It is very significant to us to provide these tools to support climate change research. We are especially pleased to be working with CEOS on this effort, since Solara was originally started to meet the unique, demanding needs of the people of the Canadian Arctic nearly 10 years ago.”

A specialized version of Solara’s core GPS tracking technology for extreme environments is used in the ice buoys. The first deployment will be in September, on ice flows in the Beaufort Sea. They will be deployed from the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker “Amundsen” as part of a larger research mission. The next deployment will be in early 2017 on the ice of Hudson’s Bay, as part of the research program to be initiated out of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada at that time.

About CEOS

The Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) was established in 1994 with a mandate to research, preserve and communicate knowledge of Earth system processes using the technologies of Earth Observation Science. Research is multidisciplinary and collaborative seeking to understand the complex interrelationships between elements of Earth systems, and how these systems will likely respond to climate change. Although researchers have worked in many regions, the Arctic marine system has always been a unifying focus of activity.

In 2012, CEOS, along with the Greenland Climate Research Centre (GCRC, Nuuk, Greenland) and the Arctic Research Centre (ARC, Aarhus, Denmark) established the Arctic Science Partnership, thereby integrating academic and research initiatives. More information about CEOS can be found at

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