Introducing the Solara Flare

The Flare keeps you in touch anywhere with your own cell phone even when there are no cell towers. This new technology allows users to text their phone contacts conveniently and easily from anywhere on earth.

  • Satellite connection
  • Compact and lightweight
  • One-button operation
Wireless Communications

Text via satellite with your own cellphone

At Solara we put global 2-way texting in the palm of your hand. From our heavy duty line of Field Trackers to our new cell phone enabled Flare, our devices provide both the convenience and safety of being able to track and communicate from anywhere on the planet.

App Installation

Direct Android App Installation

  • The Flare Messaging App can be downloaded by clicking the following link while using a browser on your phone: Download Flare App
  • A warning will pop up on your phone warning about downloading an app. Click OK to download. This app is controlled by Solara so it is safe to download
  • Once downloaded, click open
  • Once opened, click Install
  • The app will take a short time to install
  • After app is installed , click Open and continue setting up the App by following the instructions