Solara ensures you get the right wireless data communication services and hardware, in a simple to use interface, to fit your needs.

Solara Flare

Turn your smartphone into a satellite phone.

Field Tracker 2100

Fast text messaging and GPS tracking.

Geographic Coverage

  • 100% global coverage with direct transmission to and from the user. Will work anywhere in the world when in full view of the sky without any obstructions. Direct line of sight to an Iridium satellite ensures fastest transmissions times.

Communication Direction

  • Our devices offer two-way communication and provide both the convenience and safety of being able to track and communicate from anywhere on the planet. At Solara we put global 2-way texting in the palm of your hand.

Time to Message Delivery

  • Within a few seconds or up to a minute if an Iridium satellite is in line of sight to the Flare. If an Iridium satellite is not within line of sight, it will take longer but the Flare will continue trying until the message is confirmed sent. A view of the whole sky, horizon to horizon in all directions, ensures fastest communication times.

Best Uses For Our Devices

  • Positioning, time-sensitive information and text messaging. For people who carry a cell phone and find themselves frequently outside of service ranges. Situations including, but not limited to: camping, driving, flying, hiking, remote working, etc.

We customize solutions to fit your needs

We assemble all the data, process it to your specifications and deliver it to you via the method of your choice.

  • Personnel Tracking and Lone Worker Monitoring
  • Off-road and Marine Tracking
  • Aviation/Flight Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management
  • Snow Grooming Tracking and Management


100 satellite texts per month. Overage: $0.50 CAD per satellite text.



300 satellite texts included per month. Overage: $0.25 CAD per satellite text.



Up to 1,000 satellite texts per month. Overage: $0.15 CAD per satellite text.



Unlimited satellite texting.


*Note: All service plans require an additional one-time activation fee of $29.99 CAD