A Canadian First – Solara announces the release of the SOLARA FLARE that turns your cell phone into a satellite phone for texting from anywhere.

TORONTO, ONT- PDAC 2020 – March 1st, 2020 – Tom Tessier, President and founder of Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated, is pleased to announce the release of the FLARE at the Prospectors and Developers of Canada (PDAC) 2020 Convention, the largest mining exhibition in the world.

The Flare keeps you in touch anywhere with your own cell phone even when there are no cell towers. The product will be of tremendous value to geologists, developers, and others in the mining industry who spend much of their time out of cellular service areas. For less than half the price of a satellite phone, the new, patent-pending technology allows users to text their phone contacts conveniently and easily from anywhere on earth.

“Five years in development, the Flare breaks the barriers on price, small size and ease of use that our customers are looking for by using the features and GPS technology already in their cell phones”, according to Tom Tessier, President of Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated. “The new, patent-pending technology seamlessly ties together our messaging app, satellite communications and telephone networks so you can keep in touch no matter where you are.”

A long-time user of Solara’s aviation products, Peter Brooks, owner of Brooks Tools and former CEO of King’s Bay Gold, states “with the Flare, I can use my own phone. I can text anywhere in the world, anytime.” Peter often flies into northern Canada as part of his business. “I can Bluetooth to the Flare and use my phone. It finally gives me something really easy to use when I’m travelling”.

The Flare looks and feels like a cell phone power pack, because it is. The Flare can fully charge even the largest cell phones with its 5.2 amp hour battery. The Flare app connects to the Flare by Bluetooth, so text messages are sent and received with a miniature satellite radio and antenna built right into the Flare. Operating on the Iridium Satellite network, the Flare keeps people in touch anywhere on earth.

“The number one and two issues we hear from people who travel outside cell service areas are loss of cell service, and their phone battery running out of power. The Flare solves both of these frustrations”. The Flare app is available on the Apple and Android app stores.

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