Reliable Messaging and Peace of Mind...anywhere

The Field Tracker 2100: Putting global 2-way tracking and text messaging into the palm of your hand.

The revolutionary new Field Tracker 2100 empowers users to stay in contact no matter where they are on earth with a compact, portable package that is engineered for use in the most remote, extreme environments anywhere.

How are the Field Tracker 2000 and Field Tracker 2100 different?

The Field Tracker 2100 provides a 25% lighter weight than the Field Tracker 2000, floats in its carrying pouch, is easy to hold with its ergonomic shape and offers a tactile keypad for composing text messages. The Field Tracker 2000 provides extreme protection from shock and a form factor that is easily mounted in situations where sharing portable tracking devices between vehicles is desired. A new, secure mounting cradle is now available for securing the Field Tracker 2100. You choose the mounting arm best for your use, including window suction cup mounts, interior clamps, and handlebar mounts.

What would I use a Field Tracker product for?

The Solara Field Tracker 2000 and Solara Field Tracker 2100 give you security and peace of mind with portable GPS tracking and 2-way messaging through the Iridium satellite system anywhere in the world.

Is it hard to use?

    • Simply power it up and the Field Tracker 2000 and Field Tracker 2100 sends GPS positions continuously and automatically for days on a single charge.
    • Watch travel progress whether it's one unit or many, on one Google Map in the easy-to-use Secure User Area.

How do I send messages from the field?

Employ the Graphic Display to send messages with fast 2-way text delvery outside cellular range. You choose to send a pre-programmed message quickly or type out your own text. The Field Tracker 2000 and Field Tracker 2100 also stores displays up to 10 text messages automatically received.

What about asking for help in emergencies?

Trigger the cover-protected Emergency Alert Switch on the Field Tracker 2000 or pull the orange activation tab on the Field Tracker 2100 to get your SOS out - FAST. Optional 24/7 alarm centre monitoring notifies emergency responders, and with 2-way text communication, you can tell responders what the situation is and find out when they'll arrive. In addition to the Solara optional 24/7 monitoring, the Solara system also readily integrates into organizations who choose to do their own emergency monitoring and dispatching - Solara gives you that choice.

Can the Field Tracker 2000 and Field Trcker 2100 provide "workers working alone" safety coverage?

Yes. Safety regulations in many jursidictions require reliable, continuous monitoring of workers working alone. The Iridium Satellite system is a world leader in global coverage and reliablity. Solara gives you automatic telephone calling, forwarding messages received from Field Tracker 2000's by email, archives of past locations and messages, pre-formatted messages for checking in, remote control of field units, innovative power saving features and solar charging for always-on choose the best features to use for your operation. Come and see how the Field Tracker 2000 and Field Tracker 2100 can save you or your organization time and money and provide you with peace of mind.

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