Solutions to fit your needs.

Solara ensures we get the right wireless data communication services and hardware, in a simple to use interface, to fit your needs.

We assemble all the data, process it to your specifications and deliver it to you via the method of your choice. We listen to your situation and customize what you need.

To learn more about specific application solutions, select from the list below.

Strengths of Solara Communication Systems

Communication System Geographic Coverage Communication Direction Time to Message Delivery Best Uses


(Field Tracker 2100, 2000 and custom Iridium applications)

100% Global Coverage, direct transmission to/from user Two-way Within a minute Positioning, time-sensitive information and text messaging


(Field Tracker 1000 and custom Orbcomm appliations)

Direct transmission to/from users over areas with Gateway stations, full earth coverage provided by store-and-forward over the remainder of the earth Two-way 30% within a minute, up to 30 minutes (mid-latitudes), may be longer via store-and-forward Positioning, routine status readings and routine text messaging


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