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Solara ensures we get the right wireless data communication services and hardware, in a simple to use interface, to fit your needs.

Solara Remote Data Delivery Inc., founded in 2006, is a global leader in providing client and consumer focused solutions and tools. Through the engineering of products delivering secure, robust, reliable and timely wireless data communications transfer, we protect assets through better data measurement. Solara is a Canadian communication solutions leader, specializing in wireless data communications solutons, providing the right balance of tailored technology and client-focused solutions, with expert advice and support. We are a Winnipeg based company that delivers wireless data products that are secure, reliable, and made for improved efficiency, profitability and peace of mind.

Our team brings together their talents in technology, engineering, management consulting, business development, communications, and consumer marketing to collaborate in a manner that ensures we are always listening and our focus is on the needs of our customers.


Tom Tessier, M. Sc. (Computer Engineering)


Prior to founding Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated, Mr. Tessier held various technical and management responsibilities in the space communications, operations and satellite system design field. Mr. Tessier has also worked in the agricultural sector on the Canadian prairies and is an enthusiastic outdoorsman.

As Manager of Computer Applications with Akjuit Aerospace Inc., (SpacePort Canada). Mr. Tessier was responsible for SpacePort data management, communications and information technology systems.

While with Bristol Aerospace Ltd., Mr. Tessier performed technical and project management duties with the Space Business Group. These included an assignment to a European Space Agency project, the Canadian SCISAT-1 satellite project Ground Control and Data System (GCDS) lead and as the Flight Operations Director (FOD) for the Launch and Early Orbit phase of SCISAT-1.

As President of an aerospace consultancy firm, Mr. Tessier oversaw programs as diverse as support for the ground segment of the University of California ( Berkeley) CHIPSat program, ground system design, support and training to Canadian companies and universities and to the Canadian Space Agency.

Now President of Solara Remote Data Delivery Incorporated, Mr. Tessier led the design, testing and marketing efforts for the first self-contained, commercial portable Iridium satellite-based GPS location device designed for harsh field conditions. The need for such a device for today's remote area workers and travellers was made apparent to Mr. Tessier while working in the Canadian arctic with SpacePort Canada at Churchill, Manitoba and on learning the experiences of people living in Nunavut Territory. Mr. Tessier also led the design and commissioning of the Solace Internet-based personnel tracking system and Solace Direct emergency monitoring centre software package now offered by Solara.

Field Hardware

The Solara team fits communication solutions to customer needs by providing the best choice of hardware for the customer's requirements. Field communication hardware choices include a selection of devices, our premium Iridium products designed and manufactured by Solara, and some provided to Solara by external suppliers. Solara's top-notch engineering and software staff also produce custom designs for special requirements.

User Software and Air Time

Solara also fits the best air time and software service plans to suit the customer. A number of choices are avialable, including Iridium satellite services for mission-critical, rapid tun-around time communications, Orbcomm for routine operations and terrestrial cellular for high-data volume applications in urban areas.

By matching field radio hardware, air time plans and computer software to the customer's needs, Solara offers a complete end-to-end system solution.


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