Solara UNIX Map Client Software

For most users, the Solara Subscriber Area is fine for monitoring Solara Field Tracker 2100 or 2000 positions and messages. However, some users require special maps and higher functionality - the Solara Map Client provides the opportunity for users to install and use their own maps.

The Map Client is designed to automatically connect to the Solara server on startup. If the user’s computer is connected to the Internet, the client will automatically connect to the Solara server and be presented the last received position of any Solara Field Tracker for a minimum of the last 4 hours.

As position reports are received, they are displayed on the Map Client application, each point connected by a trail. Positions are "pushed" to the map client over a TCP/IP socket connection.

  • Appropriate for operation centres where staff with UNIX skills will monitor the system.
  • Provided as an option, free of charge with purchase of at least 5 Solara Field Trackers.
  • Maintenance of software included with renewal of annual subscription.
  • Updates and user tips available in Subscriber Area of Solara website.
  • Recommend at least 500 MHz Intel Pentium or Macintosh with OS/X with minimum 256 MB RAM.
  • Total hard drive space required for installation with all Canadian maps is 1,000 MB.
  • Microsoft Windows installations require Windows XP version. This uses the Cygwin UNIX emulator, which runs under Windows. UNIX skills are recommended.
  • Runs on Macintosh X, Linux, Solaris, Windows and other UNIX computer operating systems

The online Map Client program provided is Xastir, a program for receiving and plotting Solara Field Tracker positions on user-selectable maps.

  • Support and maintenance of the Solara Xastir release is provided as part of the annual service subscription when at least 5 trackers are purchased.
  • Xastir is a native UNIX application and will install and run on any common Linux installation and Macintosh OS X. For Windows XP computers, a publicly-licensed UNIX emulator, Cygwin, is included at no charge. Solara has developed a simple, automated installer for installation in Windows.
  • Xastir supports 125 map formats. Users can build and install their own maps if desired, including ESRI formats.
  • The Search and Resuce (SAR) features in Xastir make it well suited to the requirements of both SAR operations and general tracking use in unpopulated areas.
  • Xastir is an Open Source program. Source code for the Xastir application is included. Solara contributes to the Xastir development community as part of a large user base. Xastir development is very active, with updates and enhancements released on a regular basis. Solara posts updates, patches, additional maps, and use tips in the Subscriber Area of the Solara web site.
  • Xastir is in use world wide, and currently supports 7 languages, including French. Additional languages are in development.
  • An installation CD-ROM, supplied by Solara, automatically installs Cygwin with Xastir in Microsoft Windows XP. For installation directly to UNIX, Xastir can be compiled directly from source. Compile build support is available at no extra charge.
  • For Windows XP, Xastir must be installed by a user with Administrator priveleges, and user ID in Windows XP must not have spaces in the name.

The installation CD-ROM includes over 850 megabytes of Canadian maps and about 150 megabytes for the Xastir Solara Online Map Client application and Cygwin UNIX operating system emulator.

The installation includes 1:250,000 scale, scanned topographical raster maps and 1:1,000,000 scale Shapefile vector (or “line”) maps for all of Canada. These maps are developed and released by Natural Resources Canada*.

For US users, Xastir has built-in capability to download freely available Tiger and other online maps, satellite photos, weather radar, and other facilities.

*“Toporama and Shapefile maps of Canada provided in the Solara Online Map Client are © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, Department of Natural Resources. All rights reserved.”

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